A lecture by The film director from Taboo – Kristoffer Nyholm

A lecture by The film director from Taboo – Kristoffer Nyholm

Yesterday I had the fantastic opportunity to meet up with The film director Kristoffer Nyholm, he is current with the praised TV series ‘Taboo’, developed by movie star Tom Hardy.

He told the story of have he was contacted by Ridley Scott. 

Tom Hardy films scenes for TV series ‘Taboo’ on location at St Marys Church in Wanstead
Credit: WENN.com

– I had a film project ‘Keepers’ that I would like to get on with, so I said exactly what I wanted with their series and if they did not want it, that would be fine. Tom Hardy looked at me with his brutal face and asked if I would be interested in making the series with him. He offered me all eight episodes, but I would not. I just wanted to help them get started, says Kristoffer Nyholm. It was therefore a big yes, thank you for helping to set the series in the lake by instructing the first four episodes of ‘Taboo’. Ridley Scott pressed on However, when the four agreed episodes were about to be in house, Ridley Scott again asked if Kristoffer Nyholm was not yet well instructed to instruct the next four. But no, Kristoffer Nyholm told Ridley that he would go on after the four episodes. “I felt I had done something significant by putting it all in motion,” says Kristoffer Nyholm. The remaining episodes are therefore directed by Swedish Anders Engström, who has directed ‘Wallander’



‘Taboo’, which is a joint production between the British BBC and US FX, has just premiered and received good reviews.

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